Today in Dinning: snarky self-aware comment or New York Times’ ironic editing?

I promised myself that I would wait until I had time to select a restaurant that had been review by multiple publications, assemble their reviews and go to the restaurant before commenting. I truly meant to avoid the simple grammatical and structural critiques that have followed my introductory recritique of Commerce. However, The New York Times has beaten me yet again, though at least it was not through the medium of Frank Bruni.

Look at the front page of the Times. Go to the bottom right. Find the normal location for its blurb about the food section. Snort at the DINNING section. Repeat.

There is the possibility, I suppose, that the editors have changed the section to the "Dinning" section, having recognized that it simply makes a din, and does not provide much information about dining and less about food. But I doubt it. Ironic editing error, though.

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